Shanghai, China
June 24–26, 2019
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Tuesday, June 25

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7 Missing Factors for Your Production-Quality 12-Factor Apps - Michael Elder & Shikha Srivastava, IBM Gold Hall Right-Sizing and Auto-Scaling of MySQL Containers in Kubernetes - Yuan Chen & Min Li, JD.com 430 Open Source Education: Take CNCF Projects as an Example - Wei Wang, East China Normal University 431 To Crd, or Not to Crd, That is the Question - Ed King & Sam Gunaratne, Pivotal 517 Hyperparameter Tuning Using Kubeflow - Richard Liu, Google & Johnu George, Cisco Systems 0.99506172839506 CNCF Storage Working Group - Xing Yang, OpenSDS 607-608 Deep Dive: Jaeger – Steve Flanders, Omnition 617 Intro + Deep Dive BoF: Telecom User Group and Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) Testbed - Cheryl Hung, Dan Kohn, CNCF & Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop 616 Intro + Deep Dive: SIG Scheduling - Wei Huang, IBM & Da Ma, Huawei 501 Intro: Open Policy Agent - Torin Sandall, Styra 613 Intro: SIG Cluster Lifecycle - Di Xu, Ant Financial & Alexander Kanevskiy, Intel 518 Intro: Virtual Kubelet - Sravan Rengarajan & Ria Bhatia, Microsoft 506 Real World Architecture - Building a Global Cross-Cloud Monitoring Platform - Dominic Green, Improbable & Yifan Zhao, Improbable 515 Go FaaSter: Cold Start Optimization in a Serverless Platform - Scott Zhou & Yanbo Li, Tencent 618 The Enemy Within: Running Untrusted Code with gVisor - Ian Lewis, Google 619 WebAssembly, Serverless, and the Cloud - Kevin Hoffman, Capital One Bank 620 Network Observability with Envoy - Nic Jackson, HashiCorp 610-611 Two Years with Vitess: How JD.com Runs the World's Largest Vitess - Xuhaihua & Jin Ke Xie , JD.com 609 Meet the Ambassador: Giri Kuncoro, GOJEK CNCF Answer Bar, Sponsor Showcase

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Keynote: LF Edge: Open Source to Enable 5G, IoT and AI Development - Yachen Wang, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Network, Board Member of LF Edge, Board Member of LoRaAlliance, Tencent Cloud Red Hall Java Developer’s Journey in Kubernetes - Arun Gupta, Amazon Web Services Gold Hall Building and Managing Kubernetes with Kubernetes - Xin Ma, eBay 430 Auto Operation of Hundreds of K8s Clusters in Yahoo Japan Corporation - Cheng Chen & Hiroki Katsuta, Yahoo Japan Corporation 517 Intro + Deep Dive: CoreDNS - Yong Tang, MobileIron 501 Intro: CNCF Security SIG - Brandon Lum, IBM 616 Intro: Network Service Mesh (NSM) - Frederick Kautz, Doc.ai & Nikolay Nikolaev, VMware 0.99506172839506 Intro: SIG IBMCloud - Guang Ya Liu, IBM (China Lab) & Brad Topol, IBM 613 Intro: Vitess - Jiten Vaidya, PlanetScale & Toliver Jue, PlanetScale 506 Kubernetes Multicluster SIG - Shashidhara T D, Huawei & Xun Pan, IBM 607-608 OpenTelemetry: Overview & Backwards Compatibility of OpenTracing + OpenCensus - Steve Flanders, Omnition 617 Windows SIG – Craig Peters & Pengfei Ni, Microsoft 518 High Available + Scalable Prometheus with Thanos in Alibaba - Guo'an Qin, Alibaba & Tao Li, Alibaba 515 How Should You Effectively Use etcd Metrics - Wenjia Zhang & Jingyi Hu, Google 618 From Secure Container to Secure Service - Xu Wang & Fupan Li, Ant Financial 619 Evolving Deep Learning Platform with Knative - Ti Zhou, Baidu 620 Enhancing Envoy: Certificate Handling at the Edge - Brian Redbeard & Bill Decoste, Red Hat 610-611 Embracing Big Data Workload in Cloud-Native Environment with Data Locality - Sammi Chen, Tencent & Xiaoyu Yao, Cloudera 609

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Inside Knative Serving - Dominik Tornow, SAP & Andrew Chen, Google Gold Hall Co-Location of CPU and GPU Workloads with High Resource Efficiency - Penghao Cen, Ant Financial & Jian He, Alibaba 430 Extending Kubernetes Scheduler for Multi-Cluster and Multi-Cloud Workloads - Illya Chekrygin, Upbound 517 Fluentd: A Complete Logging Ecosystem for Kubernetes - Masahiro Nakagawa & Yuta Iwama, ARM Treasure Data 613 Intro: Envoy - Lizan Zhou, Tetrate 506 Intro: Kubernetes Contributor Experience SIG - Yang Li, The Plant K.K. 501 Effective Logging in Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Environment - Benjamin Huo & Dan Ma, Beijing Yunify Technology Co., Ltd. 515 Benchmark Your Cloud Native Database - Josh Berkus, Red Hat 618 Container Runtime Evolving in Kubernetes - Pengfei Ni, Microsoft 619 Serverless: Building a WeChat Mini-Program with 100 Million Users in 7 days - Tinafang & Masonlu, Tencent 620 Using Istio to Manage the Cross-Regional & Cross-Cluster Microservices - Xi Ning Wang, Alibaba & Xiaozhong Liu, UniCareer 610-611 Exploring High Availability in Kubernetes with Vitess - Jiten Vaidya, PlanetScale 609 Open Standards for Machine Learning Deployment - Animesh Singh & Hou Gang, IBM 617 Hyperledger Fabric Operator: A Faster and Easier Way to Manage a Blockchain Consortium - Haodong Chen, Baidu 431 Let's Play Mini-card-sized Computer Boards on the Business! - Masafumi Ohta, Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group 607-608 Practicing Linux Crash/Panic Issue on Production and Cloud Server: Using Kdump + Crash - Ben Shushu, Running Linux Kernel Group & Gavin Guo, Canonical 518 Service Governance in Production-ready Containerized Cloud Foundry with Istio - Gong Zhang & Xuexiang Cui, IBM 616 Exploiting Buffer Overflows on RISC-V - Christina Quast, Independent 0.99506172839506

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Adapt to Unified and Pluggable Cluster Management Platform at LinkedIn - Tengfei Mu & Abin Shahab, LinkedIn 430 Extending Kubernetes with Storage Transformers - Andrew Lytvynov, Google 517 CNCF CloudEvents Project: A Step Towards Serverless Interop - Doug Davis, IBM 506 Harbor - Steven Zou & Wenkai Yin, VMware 501 VMware SIG: Cloud Provider Moving Out of Tree+CSI - What it Means to Users - Steven Wong, VMware & Fabio Rapposelli, VMware 613 1-5-10: How to Fast Recover Container Failure at Large Scale - XiongHuan, Alibaba 515 Understanding Scalability and Performance in the Kubernetes Master - Xingyu Chen & Fansong Zeng, Alibaba 618 Use Cases and Lessons Learned From Kata Container Deployment in Production - Cheng Li & Jian Huang, Huawei 619 Enable Serverless Metrics in Apache OpenWhisk on Kubernetes with Prometheus - Ying Chun Guo, IBM 620 Upgrading Your Service Mesh to Linkerd 2 - Tilen Faganel, Open Credo ltd. 610-611 Rook Deployed Scalable NFS Clusters Exporting CephFS - Patrick Donnelly, Red Hat 609 App Operator: The Hidden Persona - Ria Bhatia & Sudhanva Huruli, Microsoft 431 Integration of Edge and Cloud IoT Platforms - Drasko Draskovic & Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux 607-608 Preventing DMA Attacks from Thunderbolt Devices - Lu Baolu, Intel 518 5 Biggest Issues in Edge Computing - Xuan Jia, China Mobile 617 Open Source Community Development in Greater China - Richard Lin, Huawei & Yun-Chen Chien, g0v.tw 0.99506172839506 Getting Started with Node.js - Justin Reock, Rogue Wave Software 616

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Why is Cloud-Native Application Development Still So Hard? - Irene Zhang, Microsoft Research & University of Washington & Venugopal Reddy, Huawei Gold Hall TiKV Best Practices - James Zhang, PingCAP 430 CodeReady Containers; Simplified Deployment and Cluster API for Desktops - Gerard Braad, Red Hat 517 containerd - Lantao Liu, Google & Wei Fu, Alibaba 506 Intro: OpenStack SIG - Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation 613 Kubernetes IoT and Edge Working Group - Steven Wong, VMware & Luwei He 501 Observability in Service Mesh Powered by Envoy and Apache SkyWalking - Sheng Wu & Lizan Zhou, Tetrate 515 Istio Performance and Best Practices in Large Scale Kubernetes Cluster - Guang Ya Liu & Chun Lin Yang, IBM 618 Build Serverless with K8s, Kata Containers and Bare Mental Cloud in Alibaba - Yifei Zhang & Huamin Tang, Alibaba 619 Building Cloud Integration Applications Through Knative and Apache Camel - Willem Jiang & Longchun Zhang, Huawei 620 Running Resilient Workloads with Istio - Matt Turner, Tetrate 610-611 HDFS CSI Plugin: Speed Up Kubernetes in On-Premises Big Data Cluster - Yi Chen & Junping Du, Tencent 609 Dealing with Verification Data Overload - Lan Xia & Renfei Wang, IBM 431 IoT Application Running on KubeEdge + ARM Platform - Xuan Jia, Edge Computing Architect & Bin Lu, ARM 607-608 Recursive Read Deadlocks and Where to Find Them - Boqun Feng, Huawei 518 Your Path to Edge Computing - Akraino Edge Stack - Tina Tsou, Arm 617 How to Make Smart Cities Stay Smart with Open Source Projects - Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba Corporation 616

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Extending Deployment for Internet Financial Mission-Critical Scenarios - Mengyi Zhou & Ke Wu, Ant Financial Gold Hall Cost-Effective Scheduling of a Massive Number of Containers in Kubernetes - Yuan Chen, JD.com 430 Release Engineering as a Service - The Art of Integrating with K8s - Maryam Labib & Ramya Shenoy, Pivotal 515 Panel Discussion: Learn, Grow and Succeed in Kubernetes Contributions - Wenjia Zhang, Google; Xiang Li, Alibaba; Chao Xu, Google; & Yuquan Ren, Bytedance 609 Network Bandwidth-Aware Kubernetes Cluster - Yifeng Xiao & Yang Yu, VMware 517 Large Scale Distributed Deep Learning on Kubernetes Clusters - Yuan Tang, Ant Financial & Yong Tang, MobileIron 620 CNCF Serverless WG: Where Do We Go From Here? - Doug Davis, IBM 506 Intro + Deep Dive: Azure SIG – Craig Peters & Pengfei Ni, Microsoft 613 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes Conformance WG - Srinivas Brahmaroutu, IBM & Dan Kohn, CNCF 501 Topology-Aware Service Routing for Kubernetes is Coming Soon! - Jun Du, Huawei 610-611 Dynamic Pod Resource Boundary Adjustment in Web Scale Clusters - Cheng Wang & Xiaoyu Zhang, Alibaba 619 Protecting Sensitive Code with Encrypted Container Images on Kubernetes - Brandon Lum & Harshal Patil, IBM 618 Network Visibility in Hybrid and Multi Clouds - Suresh Kumar Anaparti & Harikrishna Patnala, Accelerite 431 Bluetooth Mesh and Zephyr - Kai Ren, Bluetooth SIG 607-608 SPDK Based User Space NVMe Over TCP Transport Solution - Ziye Yang, Intel 518 Panel: Edge Computing in the IoT - Tiejun Chen, VMware; Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux; Shane Wang, Intel; Changming Bai, Alibaba and Ivy Peng, IoT Think-Tank 617 Business Models in the Age of the Hyper Clouds - Emilie Schario, GitLab 0.99506172839506 Zephyr Project: Unlocking IoT Innovation with an Open Source RTOS - Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation 616

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BuildKit: A Modern Builder Toolkit on Top of containerd - Tonis Tiigi, Docker Inc. & Akihiro Suda, NTT Gold Hall Three Approaches to Speed up Image Distribution in Cloud Native Era - Jiang Yong, Alibaba 430 Deployment and Management in the Age of Cloud Integrated Applications - Neil Peterson, Microsoft 515 Minikube: Bringing Kubernetes to the Next Billion Users - Thomas Strömberg, Google 609 Debugging Kubernetes Controllers from IDE - Surendhar Ravichandran, F5 Networks 517 Tune Your Microservices by Learning from Traces - Zhang Wentao & Yang Yang, IBM 620 Deep Dive: Kubespray (a sig-cluster-lifecycle's project) - Rong Zhang, Suning.com 501 Intro: Cloud Provider SIG - Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation & Steve Wong, VMware 506 Translating Vitess: The Beginning - Roni He & Toliver Jue, PlanetScale 613 Cloud Native Load Balancing From Scratch - Fangyuan Li, VMware 610-611 Kubernetes Housekeeping - Damini Satya Kammakomati & Mitesh Jain, Salesforce 619 Upgrade Images by Digging Out and Automatically Fixing the Vulnerabilities - Lin Ru, DaoCloud & Yan Wang, VMware 618 Virtualization, Automation and DevOps – Why it’s Taking so long for Telcos? - Anuradha Udunuwara, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC 431 Build IoT Applications on a Serverless Platform Apache OpenWhisk - Ying Chun Guo, IBM 607-608 Using Open Source Software to Build an Industrial-grade Embedded Linux Platform from Scratch - SZ Lin, Moxa 518 Edge Lightweight and IoT (ELIOT): To Make Edge Stack Easy to Manage and Scale - Yang (Gabriel) Yu & Khemendra Kumar, Huawei 617 Open Source Governance Practices and Case Studies of Enterprise - Ted Liu, Kaiyuanshe 0.99506172839506 Introduction to JanusGraph Database - Jason Plurad, IBM 616

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Building Apps with Containers, Functions and Managed Services - Patrick Chanezon & Scott Coulton, Microsoft Gold Hall E2E Testing: Real Developers Don't Test... But They Should - Patrick Ohly, Intel 515 Navigating the Cloud Native Ecosystem for End Users - Cheryl Hung, CNCF 609 No More Chaos: Audit and Inspect Kubernetes at Scale - 陈杰, 阿里云 & 马金晶, 蚂蚁金服(杭州)网络技术有限公司 517 Minimizing GPU Cost for Your Deep Learning on Kubernetes - Kai Zhang & Yang Che, Alibaba 620 Intro: Dragonfly - Jin Zhang & Zuozheng Hu, Alibaba 501 Intro: Falco - Kaizhe Huang, Sysdig 613 KubeEdge - Kevin Wang, Huawei 506 Network Flow Monitoring in Kubernetes with Contiv/VPP CNI and Elastic Stack - Rastislav Szabo, Pantheon Technologies 610-611 Managing Large-Scale Kubernetes Clusters Effectively and Reliably - Yong Zhang & Zhixian Lin, Ant Financial 619 How SPIFFE Helps Istio in Service Mesh Federation - Yonggang Liu & Wencheng Lu, Google 618 Introduce an SPDK vhost FUSE Target to Accelerate File Access in VM and Containers - Liu Changpeng & Liu Xiaodongl, Intel 431 Consolidate Real Time and HMI with ACRN Hypervisor - Jack Ren, Intel 607-608 Improve CPU Utilization by Designing a New Schedule Algorithm - Xiaoming Gao, Tencent 518 ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) Introduction and Use Case Deep Dive - Ben Yang, Huawei 617 Community Data is Not Community Metrics - Brian Proffitt, Red Hat 0.99506172839506 OpenSDS: The Autonomous Data Platform for Cloud Native - Shufang Zeng, Huawei & Shane Wang, Intel 616

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Plays Well with Others: Composability for Cloud Native Applications - Steve Judkins, Upbound Gold Hall Panel Discussion: Leverage Cloud Native to Transform Your Enterprise – The China Region - Cheryl Hung, CNCF; Kevin Wang, Huawei; Xiang Li, Alibaba Cloud; Vivian Zhang, JD.com; & Cheng Yu, Qihoo360 430 Serverless Jenkins on Kubernetes - Jenkins X - RunZe Xia & Fang Du, Beijing Yunify Technology Co., Ltd. 515 Some Lessons We Learned from Moving E-business Giant to Cloud Native - Lei Zhang & Siyu Wang, Alibaba 609 Proxy Service: A New Network Traffic Abstraction in Kubernetes - Walter Fender & Yongkun Gui, Google 517 Multi-Cloud Machine Learning Data and Workflow with Kubernetes - Lei Xue, Momenta & Fei Xue, Google 620 Deep Dive: Kubernetes Policy WG - Zhipeng Huang, Huawei 501 Deep Dive: Rook - Jared Watts, Upbound & Dmitry Yusupov, Nexenta Systems 506 SIG Service Catalog - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM 613 Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cluster Service Connectivity - Sridhar Gaddam & Aswin Suryanarayanan, Red Hat 610-611 Managing Kubernetes in Air Gap/Offline Environments - Rong Zhang, Suning.com 619 Gatekeeper: Flexible, Shareable Policy for Kubernetes - Craig Peters, Mircosoft 618 Install "Hardware Wallet" for Consortium Blockchain -- Protect Hyperleger Fabric Node Private Keys with Intel SGX - Mengzhe Yang, Alibaba 431 Using Blockchain and Cryptography to Enable Privacy-preserving and Inclusive Financial Services for Institutions, Companies and Consumers - Sarah Zhang, Guangzhishu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. 607-608 Continuous Delivery of Cloud Native Microservices on the PCF Platform - LiuFan, Pivotal 616 Unfit Story of Fitness Trackers: Hacking BLE Fitness Trackers - Yogesh Ojha, Tata Consultancy Services 0.99506172839506 Anatomy of the Linux Kernel - Tanish Shinde, Cypher Project 518 OpenSSL Hardware Offload Enhancement - Ping Yu, Intel 617

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