Shanghai, China
June 24–26, 2019
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Simultaneous translation will be provided for all keynote and breakout sessions.

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Wednesday, June 26

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Using Ambassador to Build Cloud-Native Applications - Steve Flanders, Omnition Gold Hall Container Technology Drives Windows Application Transformation - Huajun Gu, DaoCloud & Jason Huang, Microsoft 430 Performing Infrastructure Migrations at Scale - Melanie Cebula, Airbnb 501 (k)Native K8s CI/CD Platform - Shash Reddy, Pivotal 515 Lessons Learned from Cultivating Open Source Projects and Communities - JJ Asghar, IBM 609 IngressRoute: A Path Towards a Better Ingress Object for Kubernetes - David Cheney, VMware 517 Anomaly Detection for Cloud Native Storage - Seiya Takei, Yahoo Japan Corporation & Xing Yang, OpenSDS 620 Deep Dive: etcd - Jingyi Hu, Google 506 Multitenancy Working Group - Kevin Wang, Huawei & Tony He, Ant Financial 613 Porter - An Open Source Load Balancer for Bare Metal Kubernetes - Xuetao Song & Fang Du, Beijing Yunify Technology Co., Ltd. 610-611 Plan to Fail: A Good Captain Doesn’t Sail Without Life Rafts - Steven Wong & Carlisia Campos, VMware 619 Secure Container with SGX: Protecting Secret in Cloud Environment - Isaku Yamahata, Intel & Xiaoning Li, Alibaba 618 AIOps: Anomaly Detection with Prometheus and Istio - Marcel Hild, Red Hat 0.99506172839506 Creating your First Smart Contract on Hyperledger Fabric! - Swetha Repakula & Morgan Bauer, IBM 616 Linux Kernel Live Patching - Haishuang Yan, China Mobile 518 OpenEdge, the General Framework of Edge Computing - Leding Li, Baidu 617 Alibaba Digital Driven Open Source Community Exploration - Frank Zhao, Alibaba 607-608 A New Secure Container Solution on Arm Platform: gVisor - Bin Lu, Arm 431

11:30 CST

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Super-Charge Kubernetes App Development Workflow with IDE Extensions - Ian Talarico & Etan Shaul‎, Google Gold Hall CITIC Bank's Containerized Exploration Road - Jia Xing, Alauda 430 Promoting Kubernetes CI/CD to the Next Level - Tim Pouyer, IBM 515 NFD and My Adventure in the Cloud Native Project Jungle - Markus Lehtonen, Intel 517 Storage Version Migrator: Never Worry About Stale API Objects Again - Chao Xu, Google 619 How I Teach my Second Grade Kid What AI is and How This Relates to BI That Impact your Business - Cupid Chan, Index Analytics 610-611 Introducing Kubeflow (w. Special Guests Tensorflow and Apache Spark) - Trevor Grant, IBM 0.99506172839506 Using Kubernetes for Machine Learning Frameworks - Arun Gupta, AWS 618 Building a Powerful Edge Using Blockchain - Zhao Zhenlong & Jing Shuaishuai, TrustChain Technology Co., Ltd. 506 Flowchain - Building Distributed Network Storage Using Blockchain Technology - Jollen Chen, Flowchain 616 The Secure Design in Zephyr and its Implementation in Synopsys ARC Processor - Wayne Ren, Synopsys 613 How Linux Took Over the World of Finance - Christoph H Lameter, Jump Trading LLC 501 Introduce Virtualization and Kernel Infrastructure to Newbies - Xiao MiaoMiao & Ben Shushu, Running Linux Kernel Group 609 New Cgroup Subsystem for Buffer Write io and Network RX Control in Kernel - Dongdong Chen, Tencent 518 Spider - A Practical Journey of China Unicom’s Container Cloud Platform Network Redesign - 超胜 向, China Unicom & Sam Chen, Mesosphere 617 How Baidu Adopt InnerSource - Tan Zhongyi, Baidu 607-608 Zowe - To Open Source and Beyond! - Ivy Li & Ashley Li, IBM 620 Developing Open Source for Safety and Security - Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation 431

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