Shanghai, China
June 24–26, 2019
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OSS - Blockchain [clear filter]
Tuesday, June 25


Hyperledger Fabric Operator: A Faster and Easier Way to Manage a Blockchain Consortium - Haodong Chen, Baidu
In practical engineering, it is not easy for users to set up a complete fabric consortium. We migrated fabric resources to Kubernetes. And then we implemented the Fabric Operator to manage phases of each resource type more cloud-native.
In this session, our presentation will answer:
1. How does the Kube Operator work?
2. The plug-in design idea of ​​the Fabric component
3. Why do we use Operator to manage Fabric resources?
4. Operator can manage which Fabric logical objects for us, and what complicated states each logical object has.
5. How do different organizations build a consortium through the Operator?

avatar for Haodong Chen

Haodong Chen

Architect, Baidu
Haodong CHEN is an architect at Baidu Cloud CaaS team now, working on containers orchestration and blockchain. He has rich experience about distributed system development, consensus algorithm in blockchain, engineering of secure computation. His current focus is Blockchain, Kubernetes... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 13:35 - 14:10


Install "Hardware Wallet" for Consortium Blockchain -- Protect Hyperleger Fabric Node Private Keys with Intel SGX - Mengzhe Yang, Alibaba
Blockchain is a technology that uses a lot of cryptography. How to protect the security of core keys is a challenge that this technology always faces. Hyperledger Fabric supports using HSM to protect node keys, but this heterogeneous hardware has the problems of high cost and difficulty in deployment. We have explored a key protection scheme based on Intel SGX technology. We believe that this hardware security solution, which will be built into all Intel CPUs, is ideal for protecting node private keys in consortium blockchain and is also worth applying and promoting through open source technologies. The speech is mainly divided into three parts:
1. Introduce modifications of golang encryption library.
2. Introduce how to bridge the Fabric blockchain and Enclave by implementing Fabric's plugin bccsp module.
3. Introduce why we choose plugin bccsp in BaaS scenario.

avatar for Mengzhe Yang

Mengzhe Yang

Chief Security Expert, Alibaba Cloud Blockchain, Alibaba Cloud
Chief Security Expert. Currently in the Alibaba Cloud BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) team, responsible for blockchain security.Previous speaking experience:Star lecturer of Arch summit Beijing 2018(topic:The design ideas of consortium blockchain governance)

Tuesday June 25, 2019 18:15 - 18:50


Using Blockchain and Cryptography to Enable Privacy-preserving and Inclusive Financial Services for Institutions, Companies and Consumers - Sarah Zhang, Guangzhishu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Security, privacy and ownership concerns prevent majority of world’s most valuable data from being fully utilized. We hope to address the issue by combining distributed ledger, smart contract, cryptography and TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technologies to enable “data renting” and most importantly, secure joint computation of data from multiple data sources without exposing the raw data.

Points’ network has connected over 2 billion data items, made available for data collaboration under the secure computation framework. Points recently collaborated with China’s Zhongyuan Bank, who serves China’s most populated province with 100M population, half of which are thin filers in the rural area of the province. The collaboration aims to build a blockchain-based data infrastructure to facilitate cross-platform joint data analysis for better risk analysis and targeted marketing...


Sarah Zhang

CEO, Guangzhishu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Sarah Zhang is the founder of Guangzhishu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. a blockchain data collaboration protocol for better credit scoring and inclusive finance. She also founded and chaired dCamp, a Beijing-based blockchain developer and investor community. Prior to PTS, she was... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 18:15 - 18:50
Wednesday, June 26


Multi-tenancy & Blockchain: Deploying Hyperledger Fabric on Kubernetes - Tong Li, IBM
Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source enterprise-grade Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform designed primarily for permissioned blockchains. It provides developers a framework for building blockchain applications. Deploying a multi-component system like Hyperledger Fabric to production is challenging.

Kubernetes, on the other hand, is a portable, extensible open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It supports multi tenancy, which makes it possible for developers to develop and test blockchain applications efficiently.

Attendees will learn all about Hyperledger Fabric and Kubernetes and how when used collectively, Hyperledger and Kubernetes offer a powerful, secure platform for processing blockchain transactions.


Tong Li

Senior Software Engineer, IBM
Tong Li is a senior engineer at IBM. He has been a software architect, developer, deployer, operator, advocator and a consultant through his professional career. His main focuses in recent days have been cloud computing, social software and Blockchain technologies. He is very passionate... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 09:00 - 09:35


Blockchain Technology Powers Up Intelligent Shipping - Wenjie Xie, ChainNova
As we know, the shipping business, which accounts for 90% of global trade, is developing slowly and is inefficient due to its complex business processes. Today, Jay is going to share something about significant impact that the blockchain exerted in the field of shipping business upgrading and how traditional shipping business modifies its business models as well as transforms by using blockchain to create greater values. In this speech, I will take Chinese largest shipping company’s successful practice case as example to illustrate how the blockchain made a breakthrough in the shipping territory. Such breakthrough involves real-time dynamic information tracking on shipping containers worldwide. By combining with blockchain, the shipping resources are assertized and digitalized, enables putting the logistics as well as trade finance business into practice in a more effective way.

avatar for Wenjie Xie

Wenjie Xie

ChainNova, ChainNova
Wenjie Xie was former product director of Kingsoft Cloud Group

Wednesday June 26, 2019 09:45 - 10:20


Building Blockchain as a Service via Hyperledger Cello - Haining Henry Zhang, VMware & Tong Li, IBM
Hyperledger Cello (HLC) is a blockchain provisioning and operational system, which helps people use and manage blockchains in an efficient way. It supports multiple infrastructure including Docker, Kubernetes, vSphere and Swarm. Using Cello, blockchain developers and operators can build up a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform quickly from scratch.

In this talk, the speakers will introduce key features of Hyperledger Cello and demo how it can be used to manage the deployment of Hyperledger Fabric and chaincode lifecycle. In addition, the monitoring of a blockchain platform will be showcased.


Tong Li

Senior Software Engineer, IBM
Tong Li is a senior engineer at IBM. He has been a software architect, developer, deployer, operator, advocator and a consultant through his professional career. His main focuses in recent days have been cloud computing, social software and Blockchain technologies. He is very passionate... Read More →

Haining Henry Zhang

VMware, VMware
Haining Henry Zhang is the Chief Technologist of China R&D, VMware. His primary role is to lead the development and incubation of projects on emerging technologies, including container, blockchain and IoT. He is the founder of CNCF’s Project Harbor. Henry is a contributor of Hyperledger... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 10:30 - 11:05


Creating your First Smart Contract on Hyperledger Fabric! - Swetha Repakula & Morgan Bauer, IBM
When one thinks of blockchain, two technologies that come to mind are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Much of the knowledge has been focused on public networks, and less is known about the permissioned blockchain platforms out there like Hyperledger Fabric. Fabric is an open source blockchain platform that has been designed for corporate use cases. Morgan and Swetha will go through the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric detailing the transaction workflow, consensus mechanism, and smart contract capabilities. They will demonstrate how and end to end application could work on Fabric and in the process they will also talk about the benefits of a permissioned platform. Attendees will leave with knowledge to start developing on Hyperledger Fabric.

avatar for Morgan Bauer

Morgan Bauer

Open Source Contributor, IBM
Morgan Bauer is wide-ranging open source contributor. After contributing to Docker & Kubernetes for the 3 years, Morgan has gained valuable insight into the varying culture around open source container technology. Pivoting towards blockchain technologies has landed Morgan in Hyperledger... Read More →
avatar for Swetha Repakula

Swetha Repakula

Open Source Contributor, IBM
Swetha Repakula is a software engineer working in IBM’s Open Technologies division. Since late 2017, she has been working on Hyperledger Fabric, an open source blockchain platform on its EVM integration. Previously she was a full-time open source contributor for Cloud Foundry. Swetha... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 11:20 - 11:55


Building a Powerful Edge Using Blockchain - Zhao Zhenlong & Jing Shuaishuai, TrustChain Technology Co., Ltd.
There is a key question how to build a powerful edge of IoT system. We considered a two-layer architecture which separates thinking and reflexing and edge plays a role in reflex center of human while Al is like brain. Further, a blockchain-base edge upstreams trusted data to AI system while smart contract with basic rules provides self-decision ability.
Zhenlong Zhao will introduce the architecture mentioned above especially how to build an edge-trusted, distributed-secure and smart-self-decided layer using blockchain. Key technologies in building Trusted-Access-Env which is responsible for identity recognition, invasion detection, data cleaning, security enhancement using vector-based portrait, Intel SGX, ARM TrustZone and byzantine consensus will be fully detailed by Hansom Jing. A complex case of data integration from various IoT networks using multi-chain will also be discussed.

avatar for Jing Shuaishuai

Jing Shuaishuai

Senior Architect, Beijing TrustChain Technology Co.,Ltd.
Shuaishuai Jing is a senior blockchain architect of TrustChain Technology and is currently a core contributor of Justitia blockchain project. Shuaishuai Jing worked on cloud computing area at Inspur since 2014. Core subsystems such as DRS, DPM and upgrade in InCloud Sphere product... Read More →
avatar for Zhao Zhenlong

Zhao Zhenlong

CTO, Beijing TrustChain Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhao Zhenlong is CTO of Beijing TrustChain Technology Co.,Ltd. responsible for products development. He received master degree of computer architecture from Beihang University and currently is an architect with rich experience in various large-scale systems designing mainly focuses... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 12:05 - 12:40


Flowchain - Building Distributed Network Storage Using Blockchain Technology - Jollen Chen, Flowchain
Flowchain aims to implement a blockchain that can provide a distributed ledger technology for the IoT. Therefore, Flowchain already proposed the virtual blocks technology that can ensure chunked data transactions in a near-instant manner. With virtual blocks technology, Flowchain can integrate with IPFS and Hyperledger Fabric to develop a distributed network storage that can ensure real-time digital assets transactions and store verified transactions. In this presentation, Jollen will show the implementation of the described system using Flowchain, Hyperledger Fabric, and IPFS open source technologies.

avatar for Jollen Chen

Jollen Chen

CEO, Flowchain
Jollen Chen is the founder and lead developer of Flowchain

Wednesday June 26, 2019 12:05 - 12:40