Shanghai, China
June 24–26, 2019
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OSS - Cloud Infrastructure + Automation [clear filter]
Tuesday, June 25


App Operator: The Hidden Persona - Ria Bhatia & Sudhanva Huruli, Microsoft
As enterprises look to deliver quality software as part of their business, two roles have been naturally created: the developer and the infrastructure administrator. Technologies such as Kubernetes have tackled the problem of managing the infrastructure. However, there is still a gap for how we manage applications on top of these systems. As a result, infrastructure operators and developers are forced to deal with concepts that are outside the scope of their roles. This talk will focus on the importance of having an application operator and the duties of this role in an enterprise embracing cloud native technologies.


Sudhanva Huruli

Program Manager, Microsoft
Sudhanva is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on the Azure Container Compute team. He is focusing on building a service that makes it easy for developers and operators to build and manage cloud native applications. Previously, he has worked on open source projects in the Cloud... Read More →
avatar for Ria Bhatia

Ria Bhatia

Program Manager, Microsoft
Ria Bhatia is a Program Manager for Azure within Microsoft. She's been working with the community on different ways to scale in Kubernetes. She actively maintains Virtual Kubelet and has spoken at multiple meetups and conferences, including LinuxCon in Shanghai. She's also helped... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 14:20 - 14:55


Dealing with Verification Data Overload - Lan Xia & Renfei Wang, IBM
Massive amounts of test logs and console output are generated each day at the AdoptOpenJDK and Eclipse OpenJ9 projects because of the huge number of tests multiplied by the number of versions, platforms and implementations tested. This 'noise' from daily, personal, and pull request builds require processing in order to consume and make sense of it. In some cases, we can instrument the test code to be less verbose. In all cases, this raw data need to be refined effectively to understand what next action to take.

This presentation covers our approaches to the application of data visualization, filtering, and categorization. We are also trying to employing relevant technologies such as deep learning. Our ultimate goal is to display the results efficiently, allow users to quickly narrow down the problems and better monitor the farm to support the complex continuous delivery pipelines.

avatar for Lan Xia

Lan Xia

Software Developer, IBM
Lan Xia is a team lead in Functional Verification Team in IBM Runtime Technologies. As a software developer for over 10 years, she has extensive experience in software development, web development and test management. She is a committer on the open source project - Eclipse OpenJ9... Read More →

Renfei Wang

Software Developer, IBM
Renfei Wang is an enthusiastic software developer at IBM Runtime Technologies. With strong technical skills in multiple programming languages and cross platform software development, he provides functional verification solutions and support for various runtime components, including... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 15:05 - 15:40


Network Visibility in Hybrid and Multi Clouds - Suresh Kumar Anaparti & Harikrishna Patnala, Accelerite
Networks in the Hybrid/Multi Cloud deployments across data centers are complex to monitor and troubleshoot. Diversity of network providers and multi-vendor appliances compound the validation of policy enforcement with finer details.

Network Visibility platform enables understanding traffic patterns, performance and policy compliance in the network. Also, smart audits can be performed over discrete networks through machine intelligence minimising human intervention. Cloud Network Admins would be able to quickly root cause with granular details that can feed into reactively redesigning network policies/rules.

In this presentation, Suresh will introduce the concepts of Network Visibility in Hybrid and Multi Cloud environments, strategies for Cloud Admins to leverage visibility platforms, supported by realtime customer use cases based on his experience in the live CloudStack deployments.


Harikrishna Patnala

Senior Product Engineer, Accelerite
Harikrishna holds a Master degree in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Madras, India and has 6 years of product development experience in Networking and Cloud Computing. He is an Apache CloudStack committer and is currently working with Accelerite.

Suresh Kumar Anaparti

Principal Product Engineer, Accelerite
Suresh Kumar Anaparti holds a Master degree in Software Systems and has 14 years of product development experience in Networking, Cloud Infrastructure, Telecom(VoIP) and Geospatial Technologies. He is an Apache CloudStack contributor and is currently working with Accelerite.

Tuesday June 25, 2019 16:00 - 16:35


Virtualization, Automation and DevOps – Why it’s Taking so long for Telcos? - Anuradha Udunuwara, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC
Telecom industry has been talking about SDN, NFV, Cloud, Virtualization or what I call all of them
together as “softwarization”, for quite some time. But, except for few telcos around the world, most of
them seems to be struggling to achieve what was expected – “automation”. There are many reasons for
that – technical and non-technical. How to put virtualization, automation and DevOps in place and use
the tools like SDN, NFV, Cloud to achieve the ultimate objective of Digital Transformation – to become a
Digital Service Provider or Digital Lifestyle Service Provider or whoever you want to call? What were the
original roadblocks? Did we address them? What else need to be addressed to shorten the transformation
and start reaping the benefits?

avatar for Anuradha Udunuwara

Anuradha Udunuwara

Senior Engineer, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC
Anuradha is an expert in the field of Telecom & Technology. He has 15+ years industry experience in strategy, architecture, engineering, design, plan, implementation, maintenance of CSP Networks, along with legacy to NGN migration and solution designing. In his current role as a Senior... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 16:45 - 17:20


Introduce an SPDK vhost FUSE Target to Accelerate File Access in VM and Containers - Liu Changpeng & Liu Xiaodongl, Intel
Virtio-fs(https://virtio-fs.gitlab.io/) is proposed recently to provide file system sharing for lightweight VMs and containers workloads, where shared volumes are a requirement.

In this presentation, we propose an SPDK(Storage Performance Development Kit, https://spdk.io) userspace vhost-user-fs solution, which can be used together with QEMU/Kata Container to accelerate virtio-fs. Virtio-fs uses FUSE instead of 9P for communication. We will present this solution in details including the utilization of techniques such as virtio-fs, blobfs (SPDK file system) and the significant performance gain achieved. Blobfs can be built on abstract block device layer in SPDK, which can access local or remote storage services via iSCSI/NVMe/NVMeoF protocols in userspace. Relying on this solution, we are going to build a fast, consistent and secure manner to share directory tree on host to guests.


Changpeng Liu

Cloud Software Engineer, Intel
Changpeng Liu is a senior software engineer at Intel and a core maintainer of SPDK (Storage Performance Development Kit) project.

Xiaodong Liu

Cloud Software Engineer, Intel
Xiaodong Liu is a cloud software engineer in Intel and involved in SPDK (storage performance development kit) development work.

Tuesday June 25, 2019 17:30 - 18:05


Continuous Delivery of Cloud Native Microservices on the PCF Platform - LiuFan, Pivotal
This presentation will cover how cloud native microservices can be automated on the PaaS platform, using Concourse or Jenkins tools to help developers quickly deliver microservices from source to publish on the PCF platform to create your own DevOps best practices. Including how to use Concourse to build pipelines, the standards for microservices delivery under the cloud, and the issues that need to be addressed for automation delivery process.

avatar for LiuFan


Pivotal Senior Architect, Pivotal
LiuFan has been engaged in software research and development and technical innovation work for a long time, has worked in petrochemical PCITC(sub-company of Sinopec), Adobe, IBM and other large domestic and foreign IT companies in China RND center, engaged in software product research... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 18:15 - 18:50