Shanghai, China
June 24–26, 2019
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OSS - Open Networking + Edge Computing [clear filter]
Tuesday, June 25


5 Biggest Issues in Edge Computing - Xuan Jia, China Mobile
There are so many issues in edge computing, Akraino or OpenStack Edge Computing WG or OPNFV Edge project can list a lot of issues,but they are far away from edge computing product. In this session, i will introduce the mainly issues when we doing edge computing experimental test in 4G and 5G MEC in China Mobile. These issues must be solved in short time.

We did edge CDN and edge AI application tests in ZheJiang Province. It takes a long time to deploy CDN and AI application in edge platform, although edge platform provides very stable virtual machine.
These 5 biggest issues list as below:
1. Public IP issues.
2. 5G UPF issues : Edge platform notify UPF or DGW to set some configure which is related with edge application.
3. Electric power in edge computing data center
4. DNS issues.
5. Application management and deployment.


Xuan Jia

Edge Computing Architect, China Mobile
Jia Xuan , edge computing platform architect in China Mobile, project manager, graduated from Tsinghua University, CNCF Ambassador. He has about 9 years experiences in Cloud Computing. He worked in Red Hat and H3C before.

Tuesday June 25, 2019 14:20 - 14:55


Your Path to Edge Computing - Akraino Edge Stack - Tina Tsou, Arm
With the emergence of new technologies such as 5G, AR/VR, autonomous cars, and IoT, data is being produced at the user end of the network. These use cases demand real-time processing and communication between distributed endpoints, creating the need for efficient processing at the network edge using “Edge Computing”.

The Akraino Edge Stack is a LF Edge project that addresses the technology gaps and creating open source software for edge.

Akraino Edge Stack “blueprints” delivers end to end solution for a particular Edge use case, which is complete, tested, production deployable. Akraino Integrates multiple Opensource together to deliver the blueprints.

In this talk, we will share:
1. Edge Use Cases for Akraino and its blueprints, especially for containerized networking.
2. Varieties of Blueprints Akraino Community is developing.
3. How to engage and contribute to the Akraino Community

avatar for Tina Tsou

Tina Tsou

Enterprise Architect, Arm
Tina Tsou is an innovator and a visionary with far-reaching accomplishments within the technical engineering realm. As Arm’s Enterprise Architect, Tina serves in the highly visible Technical Lead role for the Enterprise Open Source Enablement team, where she analyzes, designs, and... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 15:05 - 15:40


Panel: Edge Computing in the IoT - Tiejun Chen, VMware; Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux; Shane Wang, Intel; Changming Bai, Alibaba and Ivy Peng, IoT Think-Tank
One key of the scenarios of edge computing is IoT. But we are trying to put Edge Computing into practice, it is easier said than done. Especially, while enabling it with edge network connectivity and different computing technologies for a variety of commercial IoT systems, we are facing many challenges of complexity at the edge.

In this panel, we will have several technical experts across different spaces to share:

1. edge computing vs fog computing vs cloud computing
2. use cases and killer applications
3. challenges, problems and benefits at the edge, especially in industrial area
4. open source solution, projects and consortium.
5. the LF Edge Projects hosted by Linux Foundation
6. open source edge in China and activity
7. Landscape

This panel will help get insights of IoT edge computing with several edge computing experts from VMware, Intel, Alibaba, LF Edge, etc.

avatar for Shane Wang

Shane Wang

Engineering Manager, Intel
Shane Wang is an engineering manager for networking and storage at Intel's System Software Products. He has participated in or led his team on research and development of open source software projects such as Xen, tboot, Yocto and OpenStack. Since 2015, he has served as an individual... Read More →
avatar for Janko Isidorovic

Janko Isidorovic

COO, Mainflux
Janko Isidorovic is the Chair of the EdgeX Applications Working Group and Co-Founder of Mainflux.Janko gained comprehensive work experience in NELT, South Europe’s biggest logistic and distribution company (P&G, Kraft Foods, Wrigley and SSL) as ERP Specialist, IT Specialist for... Read More →
avatar for Tiejun Chen

Tiejun Chen

Staff Engineer II and Technical Leader, VMware
Tiejun Chen is a staff engineer II and one technical leader from ATC, Advanced Technology Center, VMware OCTO. In recent years he is working on some projects or explorations involved Linux, Unikernel, libOS, IoT, Edge Computing, secure container, k8s, serverless, etc. Before joined... Read More →

Changming Bai

Edge Computing Technology Experts,Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba
Currently he is responsible for the technical architecture of edge computing,open source and standardization work in Alibaba Cloud. He have 10 years of experience in Telecom industry and Cloud computing technology research and development. He was engaged in the research and standardization... Read More →

Ivy Peng

Founder, IoT Think-Tank
Graduated from Tsinghua University, major in Control Theory and Science, with a master's degree. More than ten years experiences related with IoT. Through long-term communication and research with a large number of enterprises, she has formed unique understandings and insights of... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 16:00 - 16:35


Edge Lightweight and IoT (ELIOT): To Make Edge Stack Easy to Manage and Scale - Yang (Gabriel) Yu & Khemendra Kumar, Huawei
Lightweighted edge is essential for IoT and cloud. It assembles both hardware and software stacks together to reduce the redundancy of the system to the minimum while ensuring that the system behaves as expected by serving millions or billions of services.
To this end, the system needs to be carefully designed and optimized. ELIOT is proposed in Akraino community to deliver open source lightweight edge solution based on Kubernetes, lightweight OS, ARM board, etc. It shows in the first release how to build an MVP lightweight edge stack and how to enable continuous delivery of APP based on it. It is also discussed how this project evolves and to collaborates with upstream edge projects.


Yang (Gabriel) Yu

Senior Project Manager,, Huawei
Gabriel is responsible for network edge open source field at Huawei. His experience includes contributing to the Akraino lightweight edge project, leading Bottlenecks project, testing working group and long duration testing initiative in OPNFV, micro-service transformation of OPNFV... Read More →

khemendra kumar

senior technical leader, huawei
Team leader at Huawei with about 11 Years experience playing multiple roles in Open Source, Embedded System, System Service Plane, Security and Networking domain, e.g., technical lead, system architect, developer, etc. Now the PTL of ELIOT project in Akraino community and TPL from... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 16:45 - 17:20


ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) Introduction and Use Case Deep Dive - Ben Yang, Huawei
The session will give high level introduction on ONAP project, explain the design principles behind this platform, like model-driven and close-loop, and the architecture and projects. Also will give a deep dive on how to automate business connectivity service in CCVPN use case and next broadband service on BBS use case. In this two use case, Huawei provided commercial network products and contributed the major code.
Currently the ONAP community is very carrier focused and the developer team is not big enough. The reason to bring the session to LC3 is to promote ONAP to a wide potential user specially cloud players, and to build developer ecosystem in china.
The session will be presented in Chinese.


Ben Yang

Marketing Director, Huawei
Bangwen Yang is the marketing director of open source networking in Huawei. He has been working for Huawei for 15 years including 8 years based in Europe working for BT/Telefonica Accout as network solution manager. In the past three years he is in charge of open source marketing... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 17:30 - 18:05
Wednesday, June 26


Flow-based Packet Processing Framework on DPDK and VPP - Hongjun Ni, Intel
Traditionally, many networking data plane processing is based on packets, which leads to some real issues:
not sharing states, not guaranteeing packets order, etc.
This talk will introduce a flow-based packet processing framework based on DPDK and VPP.
It shows high performance, guarantees packet order, shares state among features and keeps flexibility.
It can be applied on 5G and SD-WAN cases.
It contains below key elements:
1) Implement a centralized and generalized flow infrastructure.
2) Implement a Hardware flow offloading feature in NIC, improving performance of classifying flows.
3) Implement a Software flow mechanism when configured flow entries exceed the limit of Hardware NIC.
4) Support Bridge-domain Aware and VRF Aware flow processing.
5) Support Policy-based Routing, and Tunnel Offloading Processing.
6) Support One flow maps to many NICs, and one NIC contains many flows.

avatar for Hongjun Ni

Hongjun Ni

Senior Software Engineer, Intel
Hongjun Ni is focusing on high performance data plane and Cloud Native Networking. _x000D_ He is FD.io VPP Maintainer, Sweetcomb Project Lead, NSH_SFC Project Lead and Hc2vpp Committer. _x000D_ He has fourteen years' rich experience on Cloud Native, SmartNIC, Wireless, Wireline and... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 09:00 - 09:35


Open Source Networking Technology in Inspur Cloud - Yanjun Li, Inspur
Known as the last barrier in open source world,traditional network technology encounter series of problems such as scalability, complication and security.
To reduce total cost of ownership,Inspur choose embracing open source community and leverage open networking solution to improve cloud platform's elasticity ,flexibility and agility.
Our presentation describes inspur cloud networking roadmap and products in detail,also shows how we offer optimal networking service for various applications and tenants through open source power.Meanwhile,Inspur also deliver its moudle and technology to corresponding community to make the ecosystem more prosperous.

avatar for Yanjun Li

Yanjun Li

Technical Director, Inspur
He is from Inspur Cloud Service Group China, acts as technical director and chief architecture for Inspur public cloud platform. His interested area focuses on cloud network technology especially virtual networking management . Over the past few years, he has delivered many projects... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 09:45 - 10:20


Edge Cloud Experience Sharing-China Mobile NovoNet Experiment - Qihui Zhao, China Mobile
After gathering requirements and use cases of edge cloud from the industry and community, China Mobile has been running NovoNet Experiment phase 3, which is a nationwide real network testing project, to test and verity whether current edge solutions can meet telco edge cloud needs, and to explore whether edge use cases (e.g. vCDN) and new edge technologies can merge with telco edge cloud. The test area covers edge IaaS (OpenStack), edge network (SDN), edge services (vCDN), and acceleration (ovs offload).
In this session, Qihui will describe all the work they have done so far, including test environment, test cases, and etc. And she will also share the edge experience that China Mobile has gained from NovoNet experiment.


Qihui Zhao

Project Manager, China Mobile
Qihui is a project manager at China Mobile Research Institute since 2017. She is a member of the NovoNet project which drives NFV/SDN and next generation network strategy for China Mobile, and are currently working on the research of edge cloud. She is one of the major member of the... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 10:30 - 11:05


OpenEdge, the General Framework of Edge Computing - Leding Li, Baidu
OpenEdge aims to build a general purpose system framework for edge computing which extends cloud application, data and service seamlessly to edge devices.

Leding will share the issues, design concepts, technical architecture and how to develop edge computing applications based on openedge.

The presentation will also introduce how to construct a complete local IoT environment through openedge, collect information from various smart devices, write intelligent policies and control devices, synchronize filtered data to the cloud for visual display, and conduct more in-depth data analysis.

avatar for Leding Li

Leding Li

Chief architect of IoT, Baidu
Chief architect of Baidu Cloud IoT. Owner of the OpenEdge project (github.com/baidu/openedge) which is going to be donated to LFEdge. Member of the LFEdge TAC.

Wednesday June 26, 2019 11:20 - 11:55


Spider - A Practical Journey of China Unicom’s Container Cloud Platform Network Redesign - 超胜 向, China Unicom & Sam Chen, Mesosphere
China Unicom’s Spider solution supports heterogeneous deployment that can be deployed across physical server, virtual machine, private cloud and public cloud.

Spider supports multi-tenancy which can help realize network isolation for different business units and provides multiple ways of pod-to-pod network connection. Spider provides standardized IPAM interface which cannot only guarantee each container is assigned to a unique IP but also can support fine granularity subnet management, IP allocation and recycle. It also supports rich network policy that user can realize network isolation and limit network speed by setting these policies. The user can also adjust the policy at any time based on the requirements of the container’s communication or network speed. Spider supports both CNM and CNI, and is able to seamlessly integrate with mainstream container orchestration platform.


Sam Chen

APJ Regional VP;Linux Foundation Asia Pacific Ambassador;DC/OS China Community Founder;, Mesosphere
Sam Chen is the APJ Regional VP of Mesosphere, Inc. since 2017. He is leading APJ units to drive business development/expansion with accountability for global business development strategy, planning and operations, channel, service providers and solution management. Specialized in... Read More →

超胜 向

China Unicom

Wednesday June 26, 2019 12:05 - 12:40